Friday, August 30, 2013

Beat the Heat Hairstyles

Indian Summer is almost upon us and it's a scorcher! In honor of this latest heat wave, I'm sharing my favorite ways to stay cool while still sitting pretty.

A low ponytail is always classy, yet keeps your hair off the back of your neck. For a more polished look, wrap a strand of hair around your hairband or loop your ponytail through the nape to create a twisted take on the trend.

Braids are in! A loose side braid can be dressed up or down and is a softer version of the low ponytail. For a more relaxed look, pull a few strands loose to create some texture and personality.

Braids are also a great way to create a summer updo. Pulling a few face framing strands loose creates a softer, more bohemian vibe.

Finally - my fave! - the top knot or messy bun. The best part, the messier it is, the better it looks! Add a headband to dress it up or a headscarf for a beachy, weekend feel. Or add a few sparkly clips or pretty flowers to finish off the look! 

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