Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tailgate Tuesday

Fall is just around the corner and with it, so is football season! I'm preparing for my own trip to Madison, WI to help the Wisconsin Badgers celebrate their home opener - Go Big Red! Which got me to thinking - what makes a great tailgate party? Whether rooting for your favorite team from the comfort of your own home or the stadium parking lot, these tips will guarantee a good time is had by all!

Yard games - bean bags are a great choice for home or the stadium because they are easy to pack and can create a little friendly pre-game rivalry. For those of you playing in the stadium lot - BEWARE! You may meet a lot of new people as those around you want to join in the fun - challenge your new friends and create your own bracket!

Food - again, grilling is always a great option wherever you chose to throw your party! As a Wisconsin girl, I'm partial to brats, but burgers and hot dogs are always a hit. Chips and dips are always great to have on hand for during game snacking. The buffalo chicken dip above is my favorite and takes almost no time or preparation, leaving me more time to watch the pre-game show or get in on the yard games!

Drinks - what's a good tailgate party without drinks? Depending on your crowd, alcohol is of course optional, but be sure to have a selection. Another idea would be for everyone to BYOB or bring a drink to share! Whatever you decide, plenty of water is recommended, especially for those warm, early season games. 

Team Spirit - you don't have to paint your body in team colors to prove you have it either! Many teams feature extensive collections of jerseys and tees cut for women. Victoria's Secret Pink offers cute styles celebrating many of your favorite college and professional teams. Alyssa Milano and Kristin Cavallari each have created their own line of women's sportswear for female fans everywhere. Ladyfanatics.com is also a favorite online site for cute game day gear and great deals! 

Finally, what's your favorite game day tradition? At UW-Madison, they kick off the fourth and final quarter with the entire student section singing and jumping to "Jump Around", getting the whole stadium rocking. If you're at home, I challenge you to create your own game day tradition!

Happy Tailgating!!

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